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Digital Burn Multimedia presents "Fearless" A Lord Tez Production

Written and directed by Santez Wheat Starring Jessica Dunnigan, Jordan Nevels, Cabrina Tubbs, Patrick Brooks, Jamar Kennard, Jordan Hall, Santez Wheat, Ashley R. Wheat, Pamela Dobbins, Tarious Hill, Harry Lawson, B.J. Reed, Fayette Edwards III, Carroline Shines Edwards, Antoniette Spearman, Helen Roper, Ayanna Tubbs, LaDarreus Tubbs, Jeremiah Crawford, Camille Tubbs, Diaya Tubbs and Byron Tubbs Jr. Dr. Ayanna Bilawoga has been working on a brainwave transceiver to help paralysis patients with their mobility. Her device receives, amplifies and transmits brainwaves to bridge the gap left by injury or birth defect.  Surprisingly, she learned that her device is more powerful than she could have ever imagined. It's actually capable of tapping into the pineal gland and exponentially amplifying brainwaves to give her super human abilities. Follow her as she attempts to refine the technology while simultaneously trying to keep it out of the wrong hands.

All Rights Reserved Digital Burn Multimedia 2022

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